Marvel Teases Bruce And Selina- Black Cat Proposes To Spidey


While the DC world is celebrating the proposal of Bruce Wayne to Selina Kyle, Marvel is having its own share of fun – with a Spiderman-Black Cat proposal. Before Marvel and DC fans pick up a fight, this homage shouldn’t be missed by anyone. It has laughter in store for all the fans.

An oversized anniversary issue, part of the Spectacular Spiderman #300, has been written by Chip Zdarsky as a tribute to Tom King’s current Batman run. The DC fans would want to flip to “Canary,” the back-up story to this special release, where Black Cat wonders if there was something between her and Spidey.

Readers will have to know King’s rebirth romance between Batman and Catwoman to understand the joke. Long story short, Bruce realizes he shouldn’t be fighting the love he has for Selina. The fact that she has an arrest warrant on her and an arm full of stolen diamonds doesn’t bother Bruce. All that mattered was the one diamond that Catwoman stole the first time she met Batman, the diamond that now stood mounted on the engagement ring. After endless chases and running away, Bruce decides it’s time and kneels down on his knee and proposes.

It took the fans by surprise, but no one was as surprised as Spiderman when he corners Black Cat on her rooftop, only to be shocked to see her go down on one knee and pop the question – the scene perfectly recreated by GoranParlov and GiadaMarchisio.

There is a symmetry between the two moments, but one cat burglar has a soft spot for her masked man over the other. Peter Parker is as stunned as Selina Kyle, but is Black Cat as respectable and truthful as Batman?

Once the page is turned, it’s revealed that Black Cat just wanted to check the famous Spidey Sense. And check she does, by slashing across Spiderman’s knee and making a run for it. Spiderman is in shock, both emotionally and physically, showing the readers that it was all a joke. Well, we don’t know how the readers would take this joke though.

In the past few weeks, several crossover DC/Marvel homages have been delivered to the fans. Firstly, there was a suggestion that in the parallel worlds of Marvel Universe featured “Captain Marvel” who was Dc’s Shazam in Marvel’s multiverse. Soon after this, DC used Booster Gold to signify that Iron Man and Jarvis also exist in DC Multiverse.

Let’s just hope that Black Cat will make it up to Peter Parker someday, and we may read a happily ever after story. Dreamy much?

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