Top 7 Baroness Models Will Bring Back Your Childhood Crush On 80s Hottest Character.


If you are an 80s kid or an early 90s kid, you will surely know, who is Baroness? She is the reason, we have this unwitting attraction towards women, who have stiff, evil, and sharp personality with an Eastern European accent. Baroness was a good girl gone bad anti-hero in the international hit cartoon series G.I Joe! She is one of the 80’s cartoon character who ushered the 80s children into their manhood. We wanted to rekindle our reader’s old naive crush on Baroness by collecting top 7 women across the globe who have donned the costume of Baroness, and they look as good as the real 3-Dimensional version of Baroness! That’s the only way can explain the exotic beauty of these ladies. Here are the pictures of top 7 Baronesses waiting to take a shot through your heart by their beauty:-

1) Jenny Pousin!


2) Zorah


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