22 Hot And Sexy Pictures Of Aspen Matthews That Will Heat Up Your Screen


Aspen Matthews has a mysterious past. She was found on a boat as a child with no memory of where she came from. She was adopted by Captain Matthews and grew up to be an excellent student and athlete, even becoming an Olympic level swimmer and a marine biologist. Her life changed dramatically when she discovered she was a member of the Blue, an underwater race with incredible abilities.

Aspen has appeared mainly in her comic book series Fathom, but she has also been featured in animated adaptations. Her powers are all about water, she can control and create water, shape it into solid forms, and even turn her own body into water. These abilities let her make powerful attacks, heal herself, and breathe underwater. Aspen can also communicate telepathically with other members of the Blue and has enhanced strength and agility when in water.

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Aspen Matthews sexy pictures
Aspen Matthews sexy pictures
Aspen Matthews hot pictures
Aspen Matthews hot pictures

Aspen Matthews sexy

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Aspen Matthews sexy pic

Aspen Matthews hot pics

Aspen Matthews hot

Aspen Matthews sexy pics

Aspen Matthews hot pic

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Aspen Matthews hot look

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Aspen Matthews sexy look

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