‘Arrow’: Vigilante’s Identity Has Been Revealed And You Will Never Guess Who It Is


After a lot of anticipation, one of Arrow’s huge mysteries has been solved.

Tonight’s episode had seen Team Arrow brought into the crosshairs of Vigilante who has been an enigma for Star City. Fans got to see the face behind this mask: Vincent Sobel, the presumed dead police detective and former boyfriend of Dinah Drake/Black Canary who was presumed to be dead (Juliana Harkavy).

Arrow fans met Vincent in “Second Chances”, where went into how Dinah got her metahuman powers. Dinah and Vincent had been captured by Sean Sonus, who had shot Vincent as the particle accelerator explosion hit Central City.

So, how will Team Arrow deal with the revelation? According to Harkavy, Dinah will not take too long to keep the reveal a secret.

“I don’t think it’s really in her nature to keep it for long, but she’s going to keep it as long as she feels that she is protecting herself,” Harkavy told reporters at a recent set visit. “And I think the team to some extent, and she wants to figure out really what’s going on before she says anything certainly, so I hope not too long, but she’s going to take her time with it for a second.”

But in the process, the reveal will affect Dinah as she began her vigilante tenure as a way of avenging Vincent’s death.

“Well, it’s definitely been a little bit of a glitch in her path,” Harkavy explained. “Because now, in a sense, not only is she dealing with her past, but she also has her own little secret that she has to decide whether she’s going to keep from the team. So it definitely throws a wrench in her life and game plan.”

But can this involve Dinah reaching out to Vincent again?

“I think so,” Harkavy revealed. “I think as she decides what she wants to do with him and about that, you know, she wants to feel it out, but she’s also very cautious, so it’s something that she cautiously wants to continue communication with him.”

Arrow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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