Anthony Ingruber May Become Han Solo, If Alden’s Acting Coaching Fails.


Christopher Miller and Phil Lord have been fired by Lucasfilm from Han Solo movie as Directors. There are thousands of people who are angry at this decision because they feel like Disney and Lucasfilm do not want to change the tone of Star Wars movies, and thus they curb the creative freedom of their directors, which is partially correct in our opinion.

These groups of people believe that Chris and Phil were booted out of this project, just because they had innovative ideas about the story arc and the characters. The fired directors were selected to give the movie a comedic touch, but they were making it a full-blown comedy mixed with intense action. This didn’t settle well with Lawrence Kasdan, the legendary Star Wars screenplay writer, as the directors were improvising heavily during the shoots without informing Kasdan. Due to the constant altercations between Kasdan and the directors, Kathleen Kennedy got into a position where she had to select one of these guys. The answer was easy, Kathleen fired Phil & Christopher as she would never mess around with a legend like Lawrence Kasdan, who has a fantastic equation with Lucasfilms that goes way back.

Most of the work that Chris and Phil had done in the past is comedy-drama mixed with some light action, but making Han Solo too funny would kill the “Macho” & sarcastic aura surrounding the character. We as Star Wars fans have spent a significant amount of time watching the character of Han Solo; he is our favorite space smuggler hands down. If his character goes through massive changes, we are pretty sure that plethora of die-hard fans are going to spit poison on this movie and it will be “Prequels” fiasco all over again.

The new problem that has cropped up recently is that Lucasfilm has hired an acting coach for Alden Ehrenreich, to be frank, hiring a coach for an actor is not unusual, but getting the help this late is a sure-shot sign of a serious problem.

Alden wasn’t the first choice of the fans for playing this character; you may have seen the hashtags #NotMySolo and #NotMyHan in almost all the content that is shared on Facebook pertaining Alden. Most of the fans wanted Anthony Ingruber to play Han’s part because he not only looks like Harrison Ford, he even does 100% perfect impersonation of him. His imitation videos garner thousands of views across the globe, and he is an internet celebrity in his own right. For some reason, the selection committee formed by Disney preferred Alden over him.

There are rumors that if Alden is not able to meet the acting requirements for this role, the auditions doors will be opened once again and there is a substantial chance that Anthony may get selected this time around.

Would you like to see Anthony Ingruber in the shoes of Han? Let us know in the comments.

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