AMERICAN GODS Season 2: NEIL GAIMAN might be the showrunner with BRYAN FULLER, MICHAEL GREEN supporting?


There is the criticism, as well as the story of American Gods Season 2. After a much loved first season, fans were rattled on hearing about the departure of successful showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, and they became concerned after Gillian Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth announced their exit. It is Starz, the home for the series, which has clarified about things and, probably provided fans with some peace of mind.

On Friday morning, Starz president Chris Albrecht attended the 2018 Television Critics Association Winter Tour, and in response to Nerdist’s question about American Gods and the reasons that led to the major changes. Judging by his comments, the issue has more to do with Fremantle Media (the makers of the series) than any other factor. And also the fact that Gillian Anderson was never going to come back for the second season anyway.

 “It’s not an inexpensive show,” Albrecht explained, “so I think that budget is always a factor, although Fremantle has been very willing to invest. I think this is about ‘is there a vision we can continue on a regular basis’?” Especially, he said when the gap between two seasons seems to be “18 months or 2 years” adding that “the things [Fuller and Green] are doing in their schedule has not made them as available as Fremantle may have wanted.” Despite that, they are trying to find ways to involve Bryan Fuller and Michael Green in some manner.

He also insisted, “they were not fired nor did they quit.”

Where does the series go from here then? As per Albrecht, novel writer Neil Gaiman will take over the typical showrunner’s role, and the company is searching for people to assist him (because we are aware of his packed schedule, now that Good Omens is running at Amazon). However, if we asked Neil Gaiman about the topic, it would surprise him:

We think there is something hazy somewhere.

— Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) January 12, 2018

However, that wasn’t the only big news that was unveiled during the panel, as it turns out, this entire noise about Gillian Anderson was meaningless. Albrecht clarified that it was how the plans were, but, Kristin Chenoweth’s comeback is still expected.

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