According To Max Landis This Is How Batman Can Defeat The Entire Avengers Team In A Fight


Batman might be devoid of any superpowers, but, that hasn’t come in the way of his becoming a mighty force in the DC Universe. With his supreme intellect, incredible combat prowess and a plethora of gadgets, he has repeatedly shown how he can prevail not only against the supervillains but, against his Justice League teammates too. While we did get a good idea of how Batman will perform in fights against the Superman in the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and momentarily in Justice League, there is one fight which hasn’t been imagined by many people. Yes, we are talking about Batman vs. The Avengers. Well, the screenwriter Max Landis gave it a good thought, and he figured it out how Batman would win against the Marvel’s team.

The Chronicle writer had used Twitter to explain how Batman would be able to beat all of the Avengers in a city environment. First Batman would use a knockout dart on Bruce Banner before giving him a chance to morph into The Hulk. This will be followed by him hacking Iron-Man’s suit, and then he will use an EMP to bring down The Vision. Thor would be simply “Batwing’d into a building and then glued down with polymer.”


He will use his combat prowess to beat Black Widow and Hawkeye, and his last foe Captain America would be a tough cookie as admitted by Landis, but, the Dark Knight would beat him eventually. He further stated that Batman taking these Avengers one on one would be a fair fight as “he wouldn’t be able to use the city against them as effectively.”


You can check out Landis’ entire theory below.

No doubt he makes some interesting notes, but, his premise is greatly exaggerated. Nobody doubts the Bat’s credentials as a vigilante par excellence, however, in this case, it is not the Batman battling the Avengers. It seems to be Bat-God! Landis confessed that Batman works best as a “domineering and intense force of nature” whereas the Avengers bring out their best when they are pushed to the corner, and this approach makes the fight appear more lopsided than it would truly be. No matter how clever Batman is, it can’t be believed that he would do all this alongside being under attack as a non-powered mortal.

Also, Landis seems to have failed to evaluate Black Widow and Hawkeye’s combat skills. They might not be in the ‘Batman’ bracket, but, they are unlikely to pass out without a tough fight either. It must also not be forgotten that Tony Stark might be even a smarter enemy than Bruce Wayne and Steve Rogers is excellent at strategy. As a team, the duo can certainly work out how to take down the Gotham City vigilante utilizing their teammates.

Although Batman has never faced the full Avengers team, he did come across a Marvel hero. During the 1990s comic book crossover, Batman battled Captain America and was successful (a result that was decided by fan votes), but, they soon joined hands with the other DC and Marvel heroes. Batman has also worked with Spider-Man and Daredevil in other crossover stories, but, they didn’t get into the ring against each other.

Since it is nearly impossible for Batman to fight The Avengers, this is likely to remain a topic for fans to imagine only.

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