A New Star Trek Series In Works? Nicholas Meyer Hints.


Star Trek: Discovery’s first trailer was mostly successful apart from the fact that some whiny Trek followers who are not well-aware about the history of Klingons were disappointed by their beast-like appearance in the series.

Discovery is going to change and experiment with a lot of things like it is not going to be episodic, the main protagonist is not the captain but a first officer, and the first season is an interconnected single story arc that will eventually reach a predetermined conclusion. They have tailored the series so that it fall under the current trend of “Binge Watching” TV shows. One thing is for sure; the fans are going to get an entirely fresh experience with the new Trek series.

However, the Trek purists are bit concerned about these changes, because these are the guys who hate JJ Abrams, and they don’t consider the rebooted movie universe a part of Star Trek.

But there is a possibility that we may get another Star Trek series, because Nicholas Meyer, one of the masterminds behind the upcoming Discovery series has hinted in an interview that he is working on “Another Star Trek Project” and it is not related to the Discovery. Here is how he said it:-

“One thing that has nothing to do with Discovery is that I am working on another Star Trek project, but I can’t discuss that either.”

Make of that what you will, but he could be referring to a new Star Trek feature film or who knows maybe an animated show? But at least, we all can get excited that some else is also brewing for Star Trek universe.

Watch: Trailer for the new “Star Trek: Discovery” series

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