8 Reasons Why We Might Never Got To See Goonies 2

3.Reboot More Likely

The fact that not a single screenwriter has possessed the capacity to pen an adequate script to kick it into high gear on The Goonies 2 is very puzzling. The story would actually pick up at a moment that the first Goonies lost touchwith what it means to be a Goonie, leaving their kids to revive their never say die attitude and take them on another adventure.
However, Marshall doesn’t exactly see it that way. The producerrevealed that any new Goonies task would not really be a sequel, but a film made “in the Amblin spirit of Goonies.” This remark shouts “reboot,” and shockingly for those seeking a continuation of the story, this hypothesis has been supported by writer of the first film, Chris Columbus. Regardless of already expressing that the only way the film could be possible was with the first children as parents and their kids turning into the new Goonies. However, Columbus has since changed his tune, affirming that he is effectively required in reboots of both The Goonies and Gremlins.


4.Not Enough Money

Corey Feldman and Sean Astin have been two of the most straightforward individuals from the Goonies cast when it comes to talking about the possibility of a sequel. The two are so dedicated to making the venture happen that they really got together and formulated a screenplay for it themselves. Sadly for both the performers and the fans eager to see what they’d thought of on the extra large screen, the thought was regarded too expensive. As Feldman himself said, “Sean and I actually did create a treatment which we brought into Richard Donner, which he actually liked quite a bit. But, unfortunately, he felt it was too expensive for what they have in mind. So, that said, I’m not a mind reader. I don’t know what that special magic recipe is that they are looking for.”
A Goonies spin-off written by a portion of the first Goonies was an interesting prospect that would have undoubtedly engaged the film’s nostalgic fan base. Furthermore, with the sort of cash that gets spent on summer blockbusters now, it’s difficult to envision which parts of the Feldman/Astin treatment were considered excessively extravagant.

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