8 Reasons Why We Never Got To See Goonies 2!


The Goonies 2 is one of those sequels that appears to have been in the pipeline always. It has had bits of gossip about the cast of the darling ’80s great reuniting for a second adventure. But this remains a gossip. The most recent surge in Goonies 2 hype came to fruition in 2014, when director Richard Donner affirmed that the hotly anticipated sequel was undoubtedly under progress. However, this wasn’t the first time when some person has implied that another film was underway just in vain. Various impediments have kept the project from going into production in the course of recent decades, and, sadly for Goonies all over, a sequel turns out to be progressively impossible with each passing year. Here’s the reason we never got the chance to see The Goonies 2.

1.Worried About Going Wrong

The Goonies is one of those films that inspire an especially defensive fandom, and this spells trouble for movie producers. After the announcement of an all-female Ghostbusters, the sequel of Goonies went down a step further.
Anxiety at a studio level made the chase for a reasonable script an especially tenacious one. Furthermore, Frank Marshall has gone on record as saying that he won’t make a sequel only for the sake of doing it.

2.Scripts No Good

To commend their twentieth anniversary in 2009, England’s greatest film magazine, Empire, arranged a photo shoot and group interview with the first Goonies, director Richard Donner and story maker/executive Steven Spielberg. The cast had really reunited to record a special release DVD commentary ten years back, however Spielberg didn’t make it that day. This little party denoted the first time the team had reconvened in full for over two decades. The interview soon swung to discuss a sequel and Donner blamed the absence of a nice screenplay for the film.

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