8 Reasons Star Wars Prequels Should Be Given A Chance.


I personally think the Star Wars prequel trilogy is as great, if not superior, to the original trilogy. I’d like to add further that I’ve had my issues with the prequel trilogy. For example, there are some consistent irregularities where things don’t exactly work with the first trilogy’s story.  The primary issue I have with Phantom Menace, for instance, is the incredibly evident refusal of the Jedi to do anything about the issues of slavery. Furthermore, their various disappointments all through the prequel trilogy can be somewhat of a killjoy. Notwithstanding, I don’t agree with the fanatics of the first trilogy who declare that the prequels had George Lucas stepping on their cherished childhood movies and here’s why….

8. The Prequels Have Superior Sets and Scenery

Most sci-fi motion pictures are characterized by the universes they make. The sets in the first Star Wars motion pictures, as I would like to think, suck. Why did every one of the planets they experienced just have one sort of environment? Planets have a tendency to have varieties in climate. Also, even the great sets they had inside the spaceships possessed by Vader sufficiently aren’t enough compared with the tastelessness of the vast majority of the planets. The first Star Wars films had sets that were simply backgrounds and not exceptionally intriguing ones. When the prequels included Coruscant, Naboo and patched up a portion of the old areas like Tattooine. I was blown away. With the production of these outwardly dazzling settings, the story truly completes the first vision began by the first trilogy; the making of The Galaxy. The view in the prequels is totally delightful and really finishes the sci-fi look since they are wondrous places that you unquestionably couldn’t discover here on Earth.


7. Better Special Effects And More Awesome Lightsaber Fights

The prequel a series offers a considerable measure of extraordinary things that the originals don’t; force lightening, double sided lightsabers, pod racing and some stunning looking epic fights.

A considerable measure of times, the films in the first trilogy appeared lacking and dull. I felt like the account of the prequels was thoroughly considered ahead of time more. For instance, they began having some romantic subtext amongst Luke and Leia, just to later uncover that they were brother and sister and eventually Leia wound up with Han. I think they stuck with this love triangle and picked that as an approach to resolve it without people stating that they picked a wrong base. As far as technology is concerned, the prequels have a colossal advantage over the originals. Star Wars: A New Hope was made when the best computer game around was Pong, and it turned out 3 years before Pac-Man. Will you envision that? In science fiction, innovation is a key component of the world creation. What’s more, the better technology they utilized to make Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith truly becomes the most important factor with regards to landscape.


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