8 Intricate Photos Of The Millennium Falcon From The Set Of Star Wars Ep VIII.


Every ones favorite hunk of junk in the Star Wars galaxy has been photographed like never before!  After seeing a very good photo in a E-mail letter I received in my personal E-Mail I had to see more of the Millennium Falcon. If you are a Star Wars fan, you probably know what the Falcon consists of from the books and comics and fan fare all around. But, we have never seen such a detailed ant intricate photo shoot of the most coveted space ship in the Star Wars Universe! “EVER!!”

These exclusive, up-close photos from the set of  Star Wars Ep VIII at Pinewood Studios in England shows details that have never before shown on film before. And we are bringing it to you first right here at ComicbooksGalaxy.com…

From below and above, all the way to the inside of the ship. These detailed photos of the Millennium Falcon will leave you wanting more.  After you see the details of Han Solo and Chewbacca’s amazing spacecraft be sure to  check back in to see the follow-up article that will be coming later this week with more in-depth detailed photos from the set of the new Star Wars Ep VIII

There are nine Photos in all, just go to the “NEXT PAGE” to see the lot of them!


falcon 1


falcon 2

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