7 Major Plot Holes In Game Of Thrones That Beat Us


Another season of our favorite Game of Thrones is ending and this made us do a quick take on the various plot holes in the series. This show is undoubtedly among the biggest ever shows in the history of television thus, even a minute mistake is not acceptable. Still we feel that in its bid to cross the finishing line, the series left some plot holes at various spots. Quite a few things are unexplained and we are left tearing our hair trying to figure out the same.

The Greyjoy fleet:

One of the last season’s episodes has a scene where Euron Greyjoy asked the Ironborns to build him a thousand ships and offered anything in return. Now he has got the ships and we wonder how? As per the show, Yara and Theon took away the best ship and yet these ships are better than those. We wonder what on Earth did Euron give to the iroborns that enabled them to churn out a thousand ships in such a short span of time. The time taken by Euron to reach the Kign’s landing is nearly the same amount of time as taken by Yara to reach Danarys then HOW did he get a bigger fleet?

Have they built a New Mode of Transportation?

This season has shown people move around at a really crazy pace. Barring the dragon rider Dany, everyone else either travels by sea or road in Westeros. While it was normal for someone to reach King’s Landing from Winterfell in a few episodes time, nowadays, Jon and his team reached the Wall after leaving Dragonstone in the very same episode. It is understandable that the show is pushing its timeline forward, but, yet if they had to stuff in so mhch in this season then why did they have only seven episodes?

Who is the dress designer for Dany?

Right from the start of the show, Dany has been seen in various looks. Different situations show her in different attires. She has worn Dothraki drags at the start and now she has worn the leather biker ensemble this season. That’s quite a giant leap in terms of fashion sense. Even in the last episode she was seen wearing a beautiful fur coat sort of dress when she visited North. The question that baffles us is that who is designing her dresses and giving her such rapid makeovers? Another question that beats us is that she wears various types of furs and skins even when the animla kingdom in Westeros is not that vivid.

Who provides the white walkers with the weapons?

The white walkers have been seen fighting hard and now one of Dany’s dragons has also been taken out by them. They have ice spears and iron chains to control a dragon but where do they get all these wewapons? Is there a seceet white walker iron factory hidden somewhere or they are stealing these weapons from others. This certainly deserves an explanation.

The messenger service:

Gendry sent a raven that took only a few of hours to reach Dragonstone. That seems to be even faster than the outdated Facebook messenger that we use. We think there must be some secret high power breed of Ravens existing at Westerros that can fly so fast and so far. Even if we accept the white walkers or the dragons with a pinch of salt, this surely is becoming unbearable.

How did Jorah heal so fast?

This season showed Jorah Mormont getting rid of the life threatening disease Greyscale with the help of Samwell Tarly. Sam simply chiselled off the infected portion of his skin and we saw pink flesh that couldn’t have healed overnight. Yet the very next episode witnessed Jonah reach Dragonstone to serve Dany. This certainly is an eye opener for the most capable plastic surgeons of our time.

How can Gendry run faster than Bolt?

We know Gendry is absolutely fit and a terrific swimmer, but, his running is simply awesome. He runs really fast. We know that this was his first mission and when his squad found that they were outnumbered by the enemy, he was tasked with running back to Erstwatch and get some help. He ran at such a lightening speed that would have surely made Usain Bolt left dumbstruck. He completes the task successfully and this incident was simply unpalatable for us.

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