7 Folks Who Should Be Cast For The “Lost Boys Reboot”.


It has been reported that with The Vampire Diaries coming to an end, The Lost Boys of Santa Carla will assume control over the Salvatore residence on The CW. It’s based on the 1987 cult classic of the same name. The story is based on siblings Michael and Sam, who find their new town is brimming with vampires. In any case, who ought to be cast in such a classic? Here’s what we have…

1. Jeremy Sumpter As David

Could a *real* Lost Boy from Neverland play a Santa Carla Lost Boy? Jeremy Sumpter, known for Billionaire Ransom, Friday Night Lights and for being The Peter Pan of an era, has a great filmography to match his ideal vampire look. David’s character is persuasive, vile and out and out scary. This is a role we haven’t seen Jeremy embrace some time recently.


2. Evan Peters As Michael

With most of the contorted and dark characters Evan Peters has made his own, Michael Emerson and his half-vampire transformation would be a cake walk. He has the style and a talent for playing the most unusual villains.


3. Luke Pasqualino As Dwayne

Luke Pasqualino is best suited for Dwayne; David’s right hand man. Exceptional and verifiably cool, Luke has demonstrated to us his ability as a hero by playing D’Artagnan in BBC’s The Musketeers. The genuine question is: Could he play a scoundrel?


4. Lucas Hedges As Marko

Known for his work in Moonrise Kingdom, Lucas’ profession is set to soar because of his amazing performance at The Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. In it, he played a secondary school senior facing adversity. It is fascinating to see him play a darker role as Marko.


5. Zach Roerig As Paul

Zach Roerig, who right now plays Sheriff/vampire seeker  Matt Donovan was overlooked in the show. As the only human, his character was practically one-dimensional. I would love to see him head towards the dark side and do a totally different part.


6. Zoey Deutch As Star

Zoey Deutch had more than a couple experiences with the un-dead while playing Rose Hathaway in Vampire Academy. She is currently playing a half-vampire in the adolescent thriller. Star’s character was regretful and excessively moral, making it impossible to completely focus on vampirism. This is a role Zoey could completely meet all requirements for.


7. Miles Heizer As Sam

In spite of the fact that Sam was really young in the original film, Miles Heizer (known for Parenthood and ER) could be the one to possess all the necessary qualities as a gutsy and younger sibling. He looks all the more similar to, Michael, the elder brother, depicted by Jason Patric in the original. It will great to see whether The CW casts younger actors, sustaining from the effective ’80s Stranger Things, or stay devoted to the older cast which appeared in The Vampire Diaries and The Secret.


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