7 Cosplay Pictures Expose The Dark Side Of Rey!


The internet is rife with well-researched theories from fans telling us that “Rey could be a Sith” in upcoming movies. As much as it seems impossible at this point, there is a probability that these theories may actuate. The new Star Wars sequels have lifted a lot of content from the Star Wars Legends (Expanded Universe) and modified them. Like Kylo Ren is heavily influenced from the Character “Jacen Solo” and Finn’s character seems to be inspired from the Character Flint in the Legends lore. The majority of these “Rey being a Sith” theories have hypothesized that Rey could be a manipulation of the Expanded Universe’s character Darth Zannah! She is extremely strong with the force, she is passionate, hurt emotionally and Dangerous with her sword. She almost killed Kylo in the movie, if she wasn’t stopped by the planet’s rift split! Here are some of the creative cosplayers who have flirted with the idea of Dark Rey in their artform, and you will be amazed, how awesome this concept could be! Go ahead check out these cosplays and give your brains some food for thought on this probable mindblowing theory!






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