7 Bad-Ass Sith Models Will Bring Out Your Dark-Side!


There is something seductive about the concept of “Sith”. The Dark side always gives us subtle vibes of being an anti-hero, like they are not completely wrong, and it’s only the differences in philosophy that is causing all the issues, and once you believe in this sentiment, you tend to forget all the destruction and loss caused by the ways of Dark Side to reach its goal. Anger, Aggression, and hate are the core elements of being a perfect Sith. Star Wars, especially in the movies, has thoroughly explained the transition, implementation, and rehabilitation of Sith male characters, on the other hand, we don’t see much content about female characters turning into Sith. Being a Sith or Jedi has been portrayed as a tough task that challenges every cell of your body emotionally and physically. Seeing a female character going through these hurdles before turning into Sith would be really interesting, who knows Disney might do the same with the Character of Rey? Here are some of the best pictures of Female Sith Cosplayers that are capable of pulling you towards the Darkside. Enjoy!

1. Sunday Lynne


2. Photo Grapher – David Love

Photo Grapher - David Love

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  1. I loved the actors in all 3 prequels.. they did a stellar job – I don’t think the acting was the problem, I think fans expected 3 very dark films. Empire was dark, Revenge was dark, and that’s what makes them stand out. That’s what makes them the best out of the franchise (to date.)

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