7 Actresses Approached For She-Ra Movie – “Yes, it’s happening!” – John Chu!


Looks like, we are going to get a full blow He-Man cinematic universe on the big screen in a just couple of Years. Recently in one of the interviews with Deadline, the G.I Joe director, who was/is also involved script-writing process for the He-Man movie, on being asked if we will be getting She-Ra movie as well, he said –

“Yes, it’s happening. I am currently in a very initial phase of script writing process, and if everything goes as we planned, then we will also see a He-Man & She-Ra cross-over movie by 2021-22.”

This is excellent news for the He-Man fans and the next inevitable question that targetted at him was – “Who is going to play She-Ra” and he answered confidently –

“We are looking at few caucasian actresses as well women of color to play She-Ra, and we have started to approach few actresses just to get a confirmation on Dates because we are planning to film She-Ra and He-Man simultaneously, their release dates won’t be far apart.”

Here are few of the actresses who have been approached for the role of She-Ra but haven’t confirmed anything about it. :-

1) Amber Heard


2) Blake Lively


3) Tabrett Bethell


4) Jessica Biel

5) Lizzy Caplan


6) Priyanka Chopra

7) Paula Patton


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  1. Rhonda Rousey.

    The demographics will explode

    1) little girls who went and seen the ghost busters reboot
    2) adolescent boys
    3) MMA fans
    4) Masters of the Universe fans

    Think battlefield Judo and high level MMA skills in CGI battle scenes and a unicorn.

    Do the She-Ra movie as a prequel to Heman but have Man-at-Arms, Ram Man and Skalator in it somewhere.

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