7 Actors Of “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” After 34 Years – Then and Now!


E.T is the kind of movie that brushes off your cautions and wins your hearts, only a few films are capable of doing such a thing. This film is rightly placed on the list of “Top 100 movies of the 20th century”. A lot many times, we think that movies are just for entertainment purpose, but movies like E.T unravels a humane side of a cruel world we live in, where people actually do good things for others not just for some favors in the future but for pure love and affection. You can’t applaud Steven Spielberg’s work enough in this movie; he gave so many layers to the plot that from children to adult everyone was invested in the movies within 15 minutes of runtime. It’s been more than 34 years since this movie was released in the theaters and later became an international phenomenon in a couple of weeks! You guys must have wondered what happened to the cast and crew of this movie! Here is how they look now – Enjoy!

1. Henry Thomas, Elliott

Henry Thomas, Elliott

2. Drew Barrymore, Gertie

Drew Barrymore, Gertie

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