6 Things We Learnt About “Rogue One”: A Star Wars Spin Off.


Will Rogue One undo the entire awful buzz about many reshoots and Gareth Edwards, the director, taking the film far too far to the dark side? Well, here are a couple of indispensable pieces of information we managed to get. Read on…

1. James Earl Jones Will Voice Darth Vader Once More

Yes, the 85-year-old American screen legend will repeat his part as Emperor Palpatine’s right hand man. This is interestingly after, well, Star Wars: Rebels a year ago. In any case, this is different. Vader in a real to life film, snakelike breathing and glossy, dark Beatle-like carapace weighing down on some unfortunate rebel is something few Star Wars fans will be quick to miss, regardless that this is prone to be an expanded cameo. We’re told that the terrible Sith Lord will be a shadowy background figure whose position in the incipient Imperial chain of command is yet to be understood. This is apparently why that nitwit in 1977’s Star Wars thought it may be OK to call him a senseless old wizard.


2. He’ll Be Holding Ben Mendehlson’s Leash.

The Australian character actor will not be playing Grand MoffTarkin from the trilogy. Although, well, he might be except for one essential difference. While Tarkin was suggested to be higher in rank than the fiendishness Sith Lord in 1977’s Star Wars, Mendehlson’s director, Orson Krennic will most certainly be in thrall to Vader in the new entry. We’re told that his job is to bring down the Rebel Alliance with a multitude of freaky-looking Deathtroopers. Whether these will be any more viable that their blundering Stormtrooper antecedents, is yet to be affirmed.


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