6 Slave Leia Cosplayers With Tons Of Silicone – Yay Or Nay?


Everybody wants to look good, especially the ladies, because their tendency to beautify of their body is intrinsic in nature. They get hurt a lot more than men if they take a negative verbal jab about their body, and hence the case of Silicone implants comes into the picture. Breast augmentation is the latest fad in the modern world, where every 10th women in the US and Europe are either using implants right now or want to get them soon. You will see women who are into professional cosplaying end up having boob-jobs because it helps them look a bit more like the characters their cosplaying. After getting a decent breast enhancement, they get the attention and the fame from the fans plus the overall industry. However, before we go ahead and start to criticize them left and right, we need to respect their decision of going through this tough change in their body. We can never understand what sort of self-esteem and confidence issues these ladies must have been going through. We start calling them sluts and whores, but we never look at the root-cause for getting into this. In this post, we have collected the pictures of the models and cosplayers who have silicone implants in their bodies, and they are rocking the legendary Slave Leia outfit. Have a check and let us know in the comments section, your thoughts about breast augmentation. Enjoy the Slave Leia with tons of silicone here ->





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