6 Reasons Why The Movie “LOGAN” HAS Ruined X-men’s “Wolverine”


Having promised the fans for many years, the world finally received a Wolverine film. It is an R-rated, bloody and fine movie that can turn into the superhero flick of 2017.

With all the praises it has got, Mangold delivered a more than just a satisfying conclusion to Hugh Jackman’s character. The Australian actor had vowed that this was his last time playing the roles of Wolverene. The X-Men producers have said they will not be recasting the character either.

Well, one thing remains; Logan has ruined the character of Wolverine forever. Don’t believe us? Well let’s look through the following points then:

1. The Mantle Is Passed To X-23

Logan is a conclusion for Wolverine but, marks the beginning of Laura Kinney, AKA X-23. The actress, Dafne Keen did a fantastic job as the little berserker.

If Wolverine is brought back, it could be an insult to Laura and may devalue her character. Ideally, she should be allowed an opportunity to shine without being under the shadow of Logan. This will allow the next generation of mutants to step up.

Logan needs to remain in X-Men’s past as X-23 is the future. Maybe he should stay six feet under and let the newbies take his place.

2. Sabretooth Is Not His Enemy Anymore

Yes, the lowest point of the movie was that Victor Creed, AKA Sabretooth was not at all featured. He just got a toy reference and even that scene was deleted. Mangold tried to get Liev Schreiber return as the villain just for cameo. It is sad that the Sabretooth character was not featured at all. How can one end the Logan story without his main rival?

Wolverine and Sabretooth almost tear each other to pieces in all the movies this has become one of the greatest rivalries in comic book history. The non-appearance has killed the notion that Creed was ever in the same league as Magneto and Apocalypse. Sadly he will only be remembered as just another enemy in the long line of villains.

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