6 Rare Shots Of David Bowie Charming The World From Behind The Scenes Of Labyrinth (1986)


This Halloween is going to be full of David Bowie’s King Jareths from Labyrinth, and Harley Quinns from Suicide Squad, mark my words. And why not? These two characters have been the main highlight of 2016, especially David Bowie as he has departed from our world leaving a void that cannot be filled by anybody. Labyrinth’s King Jareth is one of the characters that David Bowie was always proud of and his dedication shows when you watch the movie. He was completely engrossed in the character, and at the same time, he really enjoyed working with his co-stars Jennifer Connelly, Baby Toby, different Muppet artists and especially with Director Jim Henson. David knew right from the day one that he is working to make a “Legendary Movie” with Jim’s vision, and that thought spread like wildfire throughout the cast and crew, all thanks to David’s charismatic, influential personality and energy! Here are some rare snaps of David Bowie from the sets of Labyrinth that will take you back in time:-

1) Lucky Girl! Got The Chance To Share Screen With The Legend!


2) The Talented Duke Lost In Thought Caught In A Candid Shot!


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