6 Pictures Of Astonishing Thick Models Rocking The Legendary Slave Leia Costume!


Body-shaming is prevalent across the world, but its mostly highlighted in U.S because this subject gets the attention there that it deserves. People try to hide their bullying thought process and try to be politically correct by coming out as “They care about such people”. Well, fuck that! Because if you think by denigrating people for their body will make them vigilant on losing weight, YOU ARE WRONG. You can’t bully around people to reduce their weight, by publically posting their pictures on social media, so that everybody can be all judgemental and make of their conditions. People won’t say such things on the face-2-face, but they get all “All-Powerful” behind that 15-inch screen. This post is about not giving a fuck about Body-Shaming directly from the realm of Star Wars. We have collected some of the best pictures of the ladies in slave Leia costumes that are beautifully endowed on all the right places. It’s time to free at least our “STAR WARS UNIVERSE” from body shaming. Enjoy these beautiful pictures!




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  1. Oh, I love you, Princess Leia, and all your clones. Now, as I seek to ally witrh Darth Vader and the Evil Empire to reduce the planet Earth into subatomic particles, perhaps he will allow me to donate the male gametes to repopulate the Universe with nothing but clones of Princess Leia: Thick, thin, however they mature they are superior to the fouled earthling gene-pool that exists in the world as we know it. Come on, Leia, let’s get it on!

  2. Carrie Fisher is hands-down absolutely best organism to ever draw oxygen from Planet Earths atmosphere in Shampoo or any of her Princess Leia incarnations. I love you, Carrie Fisher. Please come sit all over me: I seek only to serve you and do only your bidding at all times.

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