6 Major Disney Characters Imagined As Jedi & Sith Is Like A Geek’s Wet Dream!


Now as Star Wars is a part of the big-happy-family of Disney, the die-hard Disney, and Star Wars fans want to see famous Disney Characters flaunting light-sabers in some sort of Dream Mashup officially done by the original creators, however, being realistic something like this would never even happen. But there is an exceptionally talented artist named Phill Berry, who has been converting our favorite Disney princesses into Jedi and the outcome is out of the world. We are just waiting for some creative cosplayer to jump on one of these designs and make it a reality via cosplay! Here are the awesome pictures of Legendary Disney Characters as Jedi and a Sith Ursula as a BONUS. Check out the pics:-

1. Ariel Skywalker
2.Jedi Belle

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