6 Insane Facts about He-Man and The Masters of Universe.


All right! So all the cartoon zombies who grew up feeding their hunger on whims of He-Man and his cynical gang know the kind of treatment this poor superhero has been getting lately. Everything that was dished out in the name of the popularity of this superhero turned out stale and overly ridiculous. This Man of eternal rustic manhood is slowly disappearing from the indelible memories of its erstwhile fans like twilight vampires have from the paradise of Cullen family.

However, The Masters of Universe toys are still there,ruling most of the industry and breaching the limits of all the madness that its presence on celluloid has stirred. We bring you some of the most incredibly insane facts about He-Man and his gang that will simply blow you. Here we go:

1. He-Man Is Actually Not a Man! I Mean Hu-man

This is a hell lot interesting considering a very few of us have known it ever. Prince Adam who for a very long time was symbolized as the eternal God of manhood is actually not completely a human. His dad was from Eternia—an alien planet while his mom was from Earth. Then who heck met who and where?

He-Man’s mom Marlena, a NASA astronaut, was on a mission to a planet Europa when she met with an accident and landed on Eternia. The ruler of the plant, the King Randor, found her and the two developed feeling for each other and got married. Eventually, Prince Adam aka He-Man was born. This fact was revealed by the makers in a Masters of Universe comic book so that He-Man might have a reason to recognize the then guest superstar—the Man of Steel—the Superman.


2. The Key Villain Skeletor is His Loovy Doovy Uncle

I don’t understand why all the comics book that are mostly read by minors are given such Christopher Nolan like twists on and off. They will only wrench up their imagination to the extent that they won’t be able to picture cartoons in the coming future.

This brain-wrenching twist about Skeletor being the uncle of He-Man was first hinted in the Masters of Universe mini-comics, which was later solidified in the year 2002 by He-Man cartoon series. So the legend has it that Skeletor was the brother of King Randor who wanted to rule the planet Eternia. In the pursuit, he resorted to black magic and all other dark powers. The cartoon series of 2002 furthers reveals that Skeletor tried to throw acid on his brother King Rador, which was deflected back on his face. This is the main reason behind Skeletor’s visible skull. Hordak helps Skeletor in return of Skeletor’s promise to serve the evil conqueror.


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