6 Creative Fan Arts Portray “What-Ifs” Of Upcoming Star Wars Movies.


Star Wars Episode VIII has to do some miracle to break the threshold of success plotted by its predecessor Episode VII : Force Awakens. The last Star Wars movie had everything, and it showed just as much was required – Not more, not less. After watching the film, you will feel like you know the overall story of the movie, but the viewer also acknowledges that there are so many essential unexplained interesting elements that he needs to watch in upcoming movies. If you look at all the major characters, you will find that they were briefly introduced, we were exposed to only a fraction of their personalities before they start to serve the actual plot. These elusive dynamics gave rise to tons of Fan theories about the personalities and sexual orientation of the characters. We have collected some of the best Fan-Arts that puts down these wild ideas in the form of pictures. These images will raise many questions about the future of Cardinal Star Wars characters, go ahead and check them out!
1. Rey And Finn – Will This Happen?

Rey And Finn - Will This Happen

2. Are They Gonna Be Siblings Or Lovers?

Are They Gonna Be Siblings Or Lovers

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