5 Reasons Why Rogue One Will Be Better Than Episode VII In Every Way!


“This is a rebellion, isn’t it? I rebel.”

Since Disney has formally released Star Wars: The Force Awakens around the world, they’ve now begun concentrating on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. All we know is that the first anthology film has been something of a riddle: except for a secretive teaser at Star Wars Celebration a year ago, and the cast we’ve been totally oblivious to everything until now…

With the news that we have, chances are that Rogue One will wind up being a superior film than The Force Awakens. And here’s how..

1. No Lightsabers

Hold this thought for a minute. So far, each Star Wars story to hit the screen has highlighted a Force-wielder. Furthermore, that bodes well, as Obi-Wan recalled to Luke: “for over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic.” But then he includes: “Before the dark times, before the Empire.” These are the “dark times” before the film obtrusively called “A New Hope”. The particular nonappearance of Jedi in this film is an explanation that stands to enhance the gravity of everything The Rebellion is battling for in Episodes IV-VI. As Gareth Edwards, the director, states amid last year’s Star Wars Celebration, “God is not coming to save us.” –Cap Blackard.


2. Puts The “War” In “Star Wars”

With more than seven movies, we’ve seen what’s coming to us of Warfare in the Star Wars universe. However, everybody knows a round of Battlefront looks and feels more dangerous than anything that is ever hit the silver screen. With Rogue One, it would seem that we’re going to witness the frenzy, trepidation, and fierceness of the long storied battles. As it is, the key characters aren’t around. These are ground-level troops that aren’t bound to be the next Luke Skywalker or Han Solo or Princess Leia. That is a disturbing prospect for the cast, yet a charming outline for the people to delight in. Anybody can bite the dust and they likely will. Simply take a look at that GIF. They’re running at the AT-ATs.


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