5 LGBT Characters Of Doctor Who


1. Jack Harkness

Words cannot describe how much we love Jack Harkness. When he came on the TARDIS in The Empty Child, his charm made him a fan favorite. He was always up for some good time and did not care who or what gender you were.

The character became popular and was given his television show Torchwood. On this show, we saw the character fall for the amazing Ianto.

2. Bill Potts

Bill Potts was a lesbian. It was a big deal that Doctor had a friend who was a lesbian.

BBC/Moffat told us in every episode that Bill was gay. The first episode was when it was part of the episode. It was when Heather, a girl with the iris star was taken to pilot a ship. Bill and Doctor travel through the universe to see how good she is.

She was part of the “antagonist” of the episode, Pearl Mackie brought everything in the episode. It was a telling of love at first sight.

Even though she barely knew Heather, she was willing to do anything to be with her.

The show explored a relationship with a Penny that fell flat. Bill is with someone who is new to dating and tells her that what they are doing is not wrong. Bill has to leave but the scenes were good.

When people thought Bill was dead, Heather came and saved her. Instead of killing off the LGBT characters, they made their lives better!

3. Madame Vastra & Jennys

Madame Vastra and Jenny was the first lesbian couple. They were proud about it. Clara talks about her ability to love Doctor. She flatters and paints Jenny. She wanted a view of her wife!

Vastra and Jenny were the first in the show that gave everyone hope that it could have characters that were gay. Jack Harkness was the first gay character, and he moved onto Torchwood, a show for a mature audience.

4. River Song

River Song was an “omnisexual” character. Alex Kingston follows that the line of sexuality when BBC announced that Jodie Whittaker was the Thirteenth Doctor.

She said nothing much of the change of the Doctor’s gender. But that she was a cradle robber. And spoke about how the new gender change affects her as Jodie Whittaker’s wife.

Alex Kingston acknowledges that their characters are not going to care about this change. We know little about River Song’s past, and it is hard to point out moments where she talks about being with another woman.

5. Clara Oswald

She was a character who danced to her own tune. She had affection for Doctor, and his age was not a problem for her. She talks on her pin up of Marcus Aurelius and how it was the one person she was interested in as a girl.

If we go to Oswin Oswald, who we know now is one Clara’s futuristic people and mentions about her crush on “Nina” and a boy, “Rory.” Then in The Magician’s Apprentice, she talks about how good of a kisser Jane Austen is.!

Clara seems to show interest in guys and girls. We saw a relationship between her and Danny. But when she left Doctor to be with Ashildr, people were able to make up a fanfic.



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