5 Horrifying Monsters Played By Our New Darth Vader Spencer Wilding.


The Darth Vader’s character has always been the crux of the Star Wars movies, be it the originals, prequels or the current sequels. The new Rogue One trailer has shown the presence of Darth Vader, and if we go by comments of several officials from Disney, Vader has a significant role to play in the movie. The actor who was in the Legendary Vader’s suit, David Prowse is not in a position to deal with the physical toll of the suit, and hence the baton has been passed to Spencer Wilding. You may not be familiar with him directly, but he has been entertaining us from a very long time behind the masks of different dreadful creatures. Spencer is one of the most wanted actors when it comes play a massive beast via motion capture, or getting into a hefty suit of Minotaur. He seems to be a perfect fit for reprising the physical embodiment of the Darth Vader, whereas the iconic voice of the Vader will be the acclaimed James Earl Jones. David Prowse had the height of 1.96 Meters, and Spencer is little taller than him – 2.01 Meters. Here are few fantastic beasts, Spencer has already played on the big screen, and we are sure, you might have seen him :-

1. Wolf – Wolfman

Wolf - Wolfman

2. Minitour – Wrath Of Titans

Minitour - Wrath Of Titans

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