10 Amazing Artist Pics Capture Your Childhood As A Star Wars Fan.


True fans of Star Wars will remember running around as a kid pretending to either fight the dark side, or embrace their inner Sith and control the galaxy, one Force Choke at a time. Now, artist Craig Davison sends us back to those days that capture that exact childhood pastime, with his “shadow” paintings.

Describing his series as “children lost in their imaginations,” Davison captures the true spirit of a, “Galaxy far, far, away…” in a backyard near you. Drawing inspiration from his own childhood, as well as American illustrator N.C. Wyeth, the series is both nostalgic and timeless.

“I decided to use ideas based on Star Wars as it was rich with characters that people could relate to,” Davison says, using everyday items that everyone can relate to in order to pull of your inner child’s imagination. “I enjoy the challenge of figuring out how a kid would become Boba Fett with found objects and a little creativity,” Craig quipped.

Surprisingly Craig has never had any formal training, but he has worked as a cartoonist, computer game animator and sculptor before finding his niche in painting eight years ago. Which just goes to show, that with a little imagination and persistence you can create anything…even a Yoda costume with just clothes pins and other found items…

By Nick Imholte






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