5 Actors of Orphan Black With Their Love Interests


Yes, Orphan Black is a very dark show. And it almost seems like everyone on this show has a stormy life. No, really does. You may believe that their real lives are as dark and melancholic.

But in real life, these actors have good, happening and fun personal lives.

Apart from the few players in the group, most of the actors have been hooked in long-term relationships. Have a look at the love interests of the primary cast of Orphan Black.They enjoy a romantic and love-filled life outside the grim and dark world of the show.

Yes, we know you are super excited to check them all out.Enjoy.

1. Ari Millen and Kassandra Santos

2. Kristian Bruun and Sidney Leeder

3. Maria Doyle Kennedy and Kieran Kennedy


4. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hanchard

5. Tatiana Maslany & Tom Cullen

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