5 Actors In Talks For Unidentified Roles In “The Last Starfighter” Virtual Reality Mini-Series.


It looks like after the record-breaking success of Netflix’s “Stranger Things”, we are going to see a lot may remakes/reboots from the 80’s. The Last Starfighter is one of the best movies from 80’s, and it screams for a remake, sequel, or reboot. Jonathan R. Betuel, who wrote the original “The Last Starfighter” has the ownership of the content, he has decided to create a TV mini-series that will also be available in Virtual Reality. The series will be designed for the full immersive VR experience, and it will have 4 episodes that are 1.5 hours long. The name of the movie is “The Last Starfighter Chronicles”. Betuel has told that the new mini-series will be in the same universe as the original, but it will not necessarily be a prequel or sequel. A couple of years back Steven Spielberg and Seth Rogen tried to own the rights to this movie, but there was some missing information on ownership and royalty. Hence they failed, so there are chances that we may get either of them directing this show. Betuel’s close co-ordinator has confirmed that the casting directors are considering some renowned names from Hollywood. Here are the names of the actors who have auditioned for their roles for this movie :-

1. Scott Eastwood


2. Amber Heard


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