5 Actors Are In Talks To Be The New Rambo In “Rambo Fresh Blood”


John Rambo is making a coming back to the big screen, but without Sylvester Stallone. The Nu Image/Millennium Films is going ahead with the Rambo Reboot calling the project as “Rambo: New Blood.” The direction of this movie is handed over to Ariel Vromen (Iceman, Criminal), and the script writing is in the hands of Brooks McLaren (Line of sight, how it ends). The original Rambo is based on the David Morrell’s novel, The First Blood, published in 1972. Morrell is going to be an executive adviser in this movie, because the creators want the reboot to be faithful to its roots and he revealed that:-

“The big difference between the novel and the film is that I killed Rambo on the last page. A lot of people die in that book, and it seemed clear that someone who had done that much damage would have to die. In the first film what you have is a character who causes less destruction, thereby presenting the possibility of his living. In the second film, he was idealized so that it’s no longer realism. I thought Stallone was very effective in the role, but other people could play the character. It’s like James Bond. There have been different interpretations, but they’re very effective. What has to be done is people need to look at the character and realize the implications of where he comes from and what’s in his soul. Then I think there are a number of directions to go and there’s no reason they can’t go on.”

Nu Image wants to release this movie by the end on 2018, as the script is almost finalized, they want to book the dates of actors who they expect should be in the film, especially, the new Rambo. Here are the names of the actors who have been approached for the role of “New” Rambo :-

1) Liam Hemsworth


2) Tom Hardy

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