15 Things About Scarlett Johansson That You Might Not Be Aware Of


When we talk about women in the spotlight, whose face pops up? Perhaps the Kardashian-Jenner family or the pop singers. But there is one woman who is more sensual than all others combined, yet refrains from being an Instagram sensation.

Scarlett Johansson has repeatedly been termed as the “hottest woman alive.” Looking at her, we really can’t argue. The woman has got the looks, the curves, and the style. Why then, does she refuse the spotlight? Maybe because she is more than just a pretty face. Scarlett Johansson has a weird aspect about her that not many are aware of. The bombshell is insanely famous, yet we do not see her uploading a selfie now and then. Instead, she chooses to shun the media and engage in her quirky interests in secrecy. But what are those secrets? We try to find out.

15) Monogamy isn’t for her

Johannson has been married and divorced twice, once with Ryan Reynolds and the other time with Roman Dauriac. In an interview, she tried to explain the reason:

“I think the idea of marriage is very romantic; it’s a beautiful idea, and the practice of it can be a beautiful thing, I don’t think it’s natural to be a monogamous person. I might be skewered for that, but I think it’s work. It’s a lot of work.”

This means that this tempting diva may not be in the arms of a single man for long. In a world where celebrities repeatedly try and fail at having long-term relationships, her position on polygamy has an attractive honesty to it. It appears that her character in the Justin Timberlake song, What Goes Around, was based on her real life.

14) She was not single-at-birth

Not many people are aware of this, but Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother, Hunter, who is 3 minutes younger to her. Despite the gender differences, the two are strikingly similar and share a very close bond. One can even say that her choice to become an actress and live few moments being someone else might be inspired by seeing her brother, who was so similar to her yet entirely different. Hunter worked on President Obama’s campaign, which explains why Scarlett was such a vocal supporter of Obama.

13) Her teen life ended at Disneyland

All of us have a child inside us, even the most seductive ones. Scarlett Johansson proved that when she decided to celebrate her 20th birthday at Disneyland. The diva visited the theme park with her future hubby Roman Dauriac. The couple was seen laughing, romancing and enjoying to the brim. Scarlet was even keen on covering Roman’s ears during the fireworks. It was a shame that after spending such magical moments in Disneyland (which is known for its fairytale endings), the couple divorced last year. The two had married in 2014 and even had a daughter together.

12) She is besties with Woody Allen

Woody Allen is a legend, but he is also someone neck-deep with scandals. The most infamous accusations he faced was the alleged pedophilia against the young stars of his films. Many actors have since maintained a distance from working with him. However, Scarlett Johansson has always supported Allen. After the infamous allegation from Allen’s daughter, who included Scarlett as one of the actresses Woody Allen had an objectionable relationship with, the actress slammed the allegations and made it clear that she has nothing to do with it. While talking to a British newspaper, she said:

“It would be ridiculous for me to make any kind of assumption one way or the other.” 

11) She is a small packet

Most of the Hollywood celebs share a larger-than-life persona. It is surprising, then, that Scarlett Johansson stands at just 5’3″. Yet, despite her small stature, she doesn’t find it easy to hide from the shutters of media. She complains about her lack of privacy just because she is famous:

Well, shy or not, this little actress is hard to miss.

10) She even sings

When she isn’t acting, she sings. Most of us know that Scarlett is capable of singing, thanks to the karaoke scene in Lost In Translation. However, Scarlett is a pro when it comes to singing. She released an album in 2008, titled ‘Anywhere I Lay My Head.’ The album didn’t impress many, but that did’ deter her. In 2009, she dropped her second album, Break Up, in collaboration with Peter Yorn. Ever since, she had alternated between her singing and acting career, though acting remains her preference.

9) She inspired something sensuous

When Katy Perry’s track “I Kissed A Girl” hit the stores, people freaked out. Not only did the song began a hit, but it also brought back bright lipsticks in fashion among girls. But people wondered who the inspiration behind the song was, and Katy Perry spiced things up by naming Scarlett Johansson. Of course, once we knew it, it all made sense. Ever since we saw her in Lost In Translation, we knew that her lips have the power to kill with a touch. However, when informed that she inspired Perry, she replied:

 “that’s flattering, but my lips are kind of taken.”

Well, isn’t it great when two naughty divas have something so close in common?

8) A German guy is obsessed with her

Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise; she is hot enough to make any man obsessed with her. But this guy is special. Do you remember Andy Warhol, who was so obsessed with Marlyn Monroe that he incorporated her in all his paintings? Well, something similar is seen with German Artist Jonathan Meese, who calls Scarlet “a work of art.” It seems like she isn’t done inspiring artists, as after Katy Perry and Jonathan Meese, she was also a muse for Italian artist Francesco Clemente,  appearing in his custom-painted tarot cards. Looking at her, we can understand why she inspires the patrons of art.

7) Her roles are weird

Scarlett Johansson, apart from being drop-dead gorgeous, is also a lover of strange characters. It began with Under The Skin, where she plays the role of an alien who attracts and then devours men. The role was fantastic, where we get to see the transformation of an alien from a ruthless murderer to a confused empathy. The film, in itself, is a great and unusual form of cinema.

Scarlett then went on to become a computer whom Joaquin Phoenix starts loving, in the movie She. The film reflected our own dependency on the digital world and thus resonated well. Her recent endeavor, Ghost In A Shell, follows a similar pattern. It looks like that wants to create a Hollywood phrase like “If you got a weird role, you go to Scarlett”.

6) She smokes

Yeah, she is smoking hot, which probably explains why she smokes. Like most celebs, she is not immune to some terrible health choices. She is reported to have started smoking since she was 15 and haven’t stopped yet. She seems unperturbed from the harmful impacts of smoking and how it might affect her body. It appears that like her on-screen characters, she prefers to live life dangerously.

5) She dated Jack Antonoff

Okay, she is polygamous and hot, so it mustn’t come as a surprise. However, the actual surprising thing is that Jack’s current girlfriend, Lena Dunham, is the creator and star of the popular HBO show, Girls.

Jack and Scarlett dated for a year when they were both 17. Naturally, things didn’t work out, and even Lena came to know about it by chance. Actually, it was pretty nice of Jack to not brag about dating the hottest woman on earth.

4) She is actually scared of birds and cockroaches

On the screen, she is a complete badass. Her roles include characters that are confident about their sensuality and do not hesitate from tackling dangerous situations head-on. But off-screen, she is still a normal human with normal fears. And apparently, she is afraid of birds. According to her, it is the weird movement of birds along with the memory of a bird getting stuck in her house that made her dislike the species. She is also afraid of cockroaches, but most people are too.

3) Mom and Manager

It is a rising trend where kids choose to keep a distance from their parents as they move ahead in their career. This is more evident in Hollywood, where we know little or nothing about the parents of the celebs. Everyone wants to appear independent and self-sufficient. But Scarlett being Scarlett appointed her mom as her manager. The two make sure that the personal and professional relations are not mixed. According to her:

I have a lot of actor friends who worked with their parents closely and have had really horrible experiences. They end up suing or being emancipated. The wonderful thing about my mom is that she completely respects my creative weirdness and supports any decision I make”.

2) A girl for Christmas and Hanukkah

Even though Scarlett doesn’t consider herself too religious by any measure, the fact remains that she is Jewish. However, she is one of those who prefers maximum festivity, which is why she celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah. Honestly, we can’t blame her: when there is a chance to celebrate two festivals, why settle for one?

1) She plays the kazoo

Well, we now know that Scarlett can sing, smoke and have a twin. But the weirdest thing about her is her ability to play kazoo. There is hardly a single human who can tolerate the irritating sound of it, yet she is somehow okay with it. She first revealed that in an interview with Daivd Letterman:

“I’m not a musician. I can sing. I can play the kazoo.”

Well, let’s just hope that when she does decide to play it, there is a mute button.


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