15 Superhero Fan-Casting Photoshops Way Better Than What We Got


From Jared Leto’s “gangster” Joker to Oscar Isaacs’ unconvincing Apocalypse makeup, there has been a fair share of comic book movie character designs that left fans very divided.

Over the years, while translating a 2D image into a 3D  live-action movie, a few fans have been disappointed by Hollywood’s take on their favorite characters of superheroes and villains.

With a few casting decisions and some impressive costumes and makeup, a comic fan’s dream comes true. Ryan Reynolds sounds so much like Deadpool, that it seems like he was born to play the role and Hugh Jackman is a very convincing Wolverine.

But you also have a few disasters that left fans so upset. The Fantastic Four reboot costumes and the oh-so-bizarre bra-and-double-belt for Halle Berry’s Catwoman leave us in disgust. Well, there are a few photoshop wizards fans out in this world, who negate the ill feeling that have come upon fans. These are some amazing fan-castings that prove that the designs that are considered decent leave a whole lot of room for improvement.

Is Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn or even Jon Bethnal’s Punisher the definitive live-action versions of the actual characters? Well, while you think again on that, here are few fantastic fan-made remakes of your favourite characters.




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