15 Mega Actors That You Never Knew Played Famous Animated Characters.


When animated movies started they were only aimed at the kids, the creators wanted to give children something more premium on the silver screen that they usually did not get on their TV sets. However, very soon even the adults got infected by these creative, adventurous and fun animated movies, yep, the kid inside us never die. Once animated films were able to pull in adults to the theaters, these animated movies were no more a kiddy movie; they became family entertainment. Hence, the movies started to have a little bit more adult undertones, and the budget increased, and the studios began to hire big guns of Hollywood as the voice-overs! The Animation industry is now a multi-billion dollars industry leaving its humble beginnings way behind. Here are the names of some heavy hitting actors who did voice-overs for the animated characters but you may not have realized. Here are the names below:-





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