15 Extremely Creepy & Rare Early Concept Arts For “Alien (1979)” By Master-Artist H.R Giger!


H.R Giger has left us, and he has left a void in creativity that nobody can fill. He designed the infamous Xenomorphs, and the whole alien structures which were used in the movie “Alien” that is known to be one of the classics of all time. “Alien” (1979) is considered as the epitome of high-quality science-fiction horror, and the horror element was the brainchild of the Maestro H.R Giger. In this post we have snippets of his early concept arts of Xenomorphs and other Alien fabrications that were influenced by haunting biomechanical nightmares Giger used to get quite frequently, however, he was talented enough to embody them in real life in his movies and art forms. Here are the rare pictures of his concept art diaries, watch them at your risk :-




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