13 Interesting Facts About Lightsabers


Lightsabers are the weapons of a Jedi knight. However, who made them? How did George Lucas decide their colors? Are there some other light weapons in the Star Wars universe? Here are thirteen lightsaber facts which only the most astute Jedi Masters know.

1. Basically made by the Dark Side

The principal proto-lightsaber was known as a forcesaber. This was basically dark side energy channelized into a blade by means of alchemy and gems. In the event that a Jedi grabbed a forcesaber, he or she would risk swinging to the dark side by utilizing it. The early Jedi made the primary lightsabers to utilize these weapons without getting to be malicious.

2. Needed battery packs

The lightsabers which were called protosabers didn’t have inner power cells, because they hadn’t been invented then. Protosabers had outer power sources. This meant that the Jedi needed to carry battery packs on their backs or waist, which were joined to the lightsaber by a power cord. If the cord was cut, it would no longer be a lightsaber. The Sith were the ones to create power cells that basically cut the cords of lightsabers.

3. Were earlier called lazers words.

This wasn’t in the Star Wars universe. They were called lazers words in George Lucas’ initial drafts of the Star Wars script.

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