11 Emilia Clarke And Kit Harrington GIFs That Will Make Your Heart Melt


Anyone watching Game of Thrones right now (which means, everyone) knows that Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke are the central fantasies of every fan. People have waited for long to see these two central characters meet; and when they did, sparks flew. Technically, Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar and thus, Dany’s nephew. But after seven seasons of Game of Thrones, this looks like just a trivial issue. Most people have the dream to see the two of them get married and rule Westeros together. Seeing the increasing intimacy between them in every episode, it seems only a matter of time before they hook up.

However, in real life, Kit and Emilia are only best friends. Both have made it quite clear that they never dated, and seeing that Kit is engaged to his former co-star Rose Leslie, we are sure that the pair would not be turning into a real-life couple. Yet, their romance in the show still keeps us engaged and hopeful. While we wait for them to kiss finally, let’s take a look at some of the most adorable Jon-Dany gifs on the Internet:

1. When They Danced Together and Your Heart Melted Like the Wall Probably Will

2. When She Laid on His Actual Butt and Your Body Felt as Hot as Dragon Fire

3.When Their Body Language Was Cuter Than a Baby Dire Wolf

4.When They Had Easy Banter Like 2 Old Friends Sitting in a Westeros Pub

5.When Kit Made Emilia Laugh and All Was Right in This Crazy World

6.When They Hung Out in Nature and Their Bond Felt Organic

7.When Their Lucious Heads of Hair Blew in the Wind and Blew You Away

8.When They Took a Break From Filming Their Characters’ Sexual Tension to Hug

9.When Kit Stared at Emilia With More Affection Than Cersei Has For Wine

10.When the Focus Was Rightfully on Their Cute Conversation

11.When They Looked Up at the Sun and Let the (Lord of) Light Wash Over Them


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