10 Uncanny Pictures Of Carrie Fisher That Will Make Your Day!


Carrie Fisher is one of those people who reached the peak of their careers just by doing a couple of good movies, and once you become the part of the Star Wars cast, you are going to get stereotyped all your life. Yep, fame comes with a price. After Star Wars everybody in the industry knew that Carrie Fisher packed the talent to be one of the top actresses of Hollywood during her prime days but her involvement with cocaine secluded her from the limelight of Hollywood, and she moved to more introvert lifestyle. After the Star Wars movies she was lost in the haze of countless other high performing actresses and drugs, only to re-surface for her fans with the Star Wars sequels. Everything that she did after the Star Wars is lesser-known, and these pictures might tell you a story about the Leia before and after her Star Wars fame. Go ahead and enjoy this gem captured in rare photographs :-







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