10 Reasons Why Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is Disappointing.

8. Rey’s Character Is Senseless

If there is one character that totally undoes the credibility of the film it’s Rey. As it is, she’s just too perfect in everything she does. Regardless of being a scavenger living on a backwater desert planet, she happens to be an expert pilot and mechanic, talks droid and comprehends Wookie. What’s more, she can shoot a blaster far better than a Stormtrooper. The most serious issue with her character is that she is able to learn the methods for the Jedi in a few hours, all alone. Furthermore, she thrashes a powerful Dark Side user using a lightsaber for the first time. Remember that it took Luke Skywalker years of training and numerous failures to finally defeat Darth Vader. This makes sense however, Rey’s character tosses all rationale out the window.


7. It’s Too Fast

If you know about the progression of time when viewing a film, the movie producers failed. The issue with pacing in Force Awakens is that it moves far too rapidly, and there isn’t sufficient time given to characterization. This is surprising considering it’s got a 136-minute run-time. However, we are scarcely given time to absorb important minutes. One case of this is the demise of a key character, which winds up meaning nothing since we don’t have enough time to let it sink in. Another case is the assault on the Starkiller Base, which materializes after a mere 90-second long dialogue scene.


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