10 Pictures Showing The Intricate Details Of Star Wars Mega Machinery!


When a movie gets famous and builds an intense fandom, like Star Wars, the fans take the film content to the next level, by creating related fan-content so powerful that the original creators eventually make it a cannon or a part of it, ultimately. Fortunately, Star Wars is blessed by such fans from across the world, who continuously pour in fascinating and absorbing content related to the vivid world of Star Wars. Here are the snippets of the Famous Star Wars Cross-sectional graphics book that depicts micro details of the Star Wars vehicles. All the important ships of the Star Wars realm are explored to reveal the armaments, propulsion systems, armor, control systems, and other minute parts of the heavy machinery. Here are few of the best pictures from that book that is capable of keeping you busy for hours. Cherish!
1. TIE Fighter



2. AT-AT

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