10 Of The Most Powerful Asgardian Weapons


Asgardians have to go through a whole lot of battles and it is a part of their everyday life. There are so many powerful weapons in the vaults that they can use to fight the evil forces. Here is a list of the 10 most powerful weapons:

1. Odinsword

Mjolnir is surely the most famous Asgardian weapon. But this does not mean that it is the strongest. The Odinsword is the all-powerful weapon. It had made its first appearance in “Journey Into Mystery” #117 and some believe that if this were to be taken out, it would mean the end of the world.

2. Mjolnir

In ‘Journey into Mystery’ issue #83, our famous and beloved Mjolnir first appeared. This main weapon for Thor was initially to be named, Uru hammer. Well, then the editors thought that they should give it the name, Thor, which is the name of his hammer in the Norse mythology.

3. The Destroyer

Do you remember the Armor from the first ever Thor movie? This is made from a powerful substance called, uru metal. This is the same one which was used to make Mjolnir. The armor had been used by Odin when he fought the Celestials. Loki also takes control of the armor in the comics when he wants to attack Thor.

4. Stormbreaker

In Thor #337, Thor had been trying to stop an alien invasion. The alien race lost their world and they were kept in cryogenics until they had found a new planet. When Thor attacked the aliens’ ship, it had activated Beta Ray Bill who had been the defender of their race. He lifted up Thor’s hammer and became a Thor-like version. Odin then made them fight to see who must keep the hammer. The battle ended in a tie. Odin made a new, golden hammer and called it Stormbreaker. Beta Ray Bill wields the Stormbreaker.

5. Jarnbjorn

Jarnbjorn also called the “Wrecker of Worlds” and it was an ax that Thor had used when he was very young. The powers were enhanced by him and he blessed it with blood. It had been used it to kill a Celestial.

6. Thunderstrike

When Thor had been living with a secret identity of SigurdJarlson, he becomes friends with Eric Masterson. During a battle with Thor and a foe, Eric gets hurt and one way to save him was by merging his life with Thor’s. Eric got his powers and he faithfully represents Thor until he brings the real Thor back. Odin makes a new mace for Eric which was then called Thunderstrike.

7. Bloodaxe

The blood-hungry ax was used as a weapon of Skruge and it possessed powers that had made him get many feats. But then, when he died, the ax found its way to Earth where Jackie Lukus finds it.

8. Gungnir

It is the powerful spear of Odin. There are 2 origins of this powerful weapon. One is that the dwarves made the spear from sunlight and others claim that it is from Ragnarok’s leftovers. It is very much like Odin’s version of Mjolnir. This is because it sends energy blast and is made from uru metal.


9. Hofund

The sword of Heimdall is known as Hofund. It is powerful as Heimdall can call the cosmic forces to charge the sword like he had done with the flames of several stars.


10. Balder’s Sword

The Balder’s sword has the power to transport people through dimensions. It has first appeared in “Journey Into Mystery” #111 in which Jane Foster had been dying from an ailment that could be cured by finding the Holder the Healer. The problem was that she was on Earth and he was in Asgard. Thor was on Midgard and the only Asgardian worthy to find this elixir was Balder the Brave.


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