10 Marvel Superheroes Mightier Than Hulk But Not Featured In MCU


There is no dearth of superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, when it comes to sheer brute force, there is no other hero as powerful as Hulk, not even the Mighty Thor or at least that’s what we have come to believe so far. However, there are many other powerful superheroes in Marvel Comics Universe who haven’t been revealed on the big screen yet. That’s what causes us fans to believe that he is the strongest hero present in MCU. However, today, let us  look at the ten most powerful superheroes who are more forceful than “The Hulk.”

1).  Adam Warlock

A superhero who was created by the scientists. His powers are far beyond anyone else, and he is a ruler of the planet who refuses to oblige his creators and uses his powers for good and probably has powers similar to Thor. In ‘Infinity Revelation,’ he takes a time leap and battles the original Avengers team when both Hulk and Thor use their powers, but, he is unaffected and tackles them effortlessly. The entire Avengers team was beaten by him in no time.

2). Power Princess

If DC has Wonder Woman, then Marvel Comic Universe has Zarda aka Power Princess who is a member of “Squadron Supreme.” Her powers are invincible, and she has heat vision, flight, super strength, super speed and can summon the shield which is invisible and indestructible. Her Marvel Comic arrival was more than just a fight. During a fight with Hulk, she thrashed him as if he was a punchbag and knocked him out.

3). Genis – Vell

A mighty superhero who was created from his father Mar-vell aka Captain Marvel’s DNA. Genis-vell’s memories were manipulated to make him believe that he was the son of eternal Starfox. Genis went crazy as expected and killed everyone. He earned himself the title of ‘Mad God’ after that he rescued himself. As far as his powers are concerned, he can travel across time, control reality and time can unleash powerful energy blasts, can be omnipresent and can revive the dead. With such powers, Hulk is no competition for him.

4). Silver Surfer

A capable handler of the Cosmic power, which he received from Galactus, The surfer has beaten the Hulk many times in various battles and he has the vast range of powers such as he can change his shape by altering molecules, can control gravity, telekinetic, time travel and various other powers that you could imagine. The Silver Surfer’s Cosmic Powers stopped Bruce Banner from turning into the green monster.

5). Captain Universe

A free spirit devoid of anybody which takes control of the individual and gives him unimaginable powers to solve the problem. Whoever possesses the powers becomes several times livelier and fierce compared to the Hulk. On one occasion, Sue Storm had this power, and she defeated the gladiator (who is so strong that he can face any attack has destroyed almost half of the universe) effortlessly. Once Spider-Man was possessed by these powers, and he slammed the Hulk into space. On another occasion, a guy called William Nguyen was taken over by these powers, and he smacked Juggernaut with such force that his helmet was ripped off and he lost consciousness.

6). Gladiator

The Shi’ar Imperial guard leader and one of the Stronian species is believed to be the strongest being in the entire universe. He has all of Superman’s powers and more along with all the sense based powers. He is extremely aggressive by nature and so violent that he once punched Wonder Woman with so much force that she was slammed down to the very center of the earth and despite not being worthy, he kicked Thor’s hammer into the city. He becomes vulnerable only when he is self-confident.

7). Tyrant

A mighty maniac who was created by the Supreme Galactus, and fuelled by rage, hatred, violence and the desire to kill his creator as they have battled several times, Tyrant has always walked away from the fight making him even more powerful as he becomes afraid of his own extreme strengths. His powers are so enduring that he has beaten Gladiator, knocked Genis-Vell out cold and did all that without any effort. Tyrant also commands a large robot army, and it would be nothing more than a joke if Tyrant is compared with the green giant.

8). Sun God

Zoran is the Sun God from another world, and he is the strongest creature in the universe. He along with his team “The Great Society” beat back an attack which was unleashed on their planet by a group of Mapmakers. Once they also confronted the Illuminati comprising of Doctor Strange, Iron-Man, Black Panther, Black Bolt and Namor. After battling the members of Earth – 616, they figure out that nothing could protect them, and they had only ‘Hope’ left. When they started fighting, and the Sun God came across the Hulk, it took him mere two strikes to destroy him.

9). Hyperion

In comic books, Hyperion is regarded as the strongest and the fiercest. He is the most powerful answer to Superman. He has powers such as firing energy blasts as hot as 12000 degrees, have an atomic vision, and his power made him survive two diverging worlds. He is a member of the Squadron Supreme and Avengers, and he was also famous as the mightiest superhero across the whole universe. After the destruction of his planet by Genis-vell, his grandmaster rescued him. While he was headed to Earth 616, he found out that the power coming to him from the Sun was unfiltered. Eventually his destructive powers became so dominant that he ended up demolishing the entire Atlantis.

10). Cyttorak

Cyttorak is a mystical being ruling the universe’s essence and is probably as old as the big bang. A formidable force which can eliminate one-fifth of the Phoenix power as witnessed in

The Avengers vs The X-men”. Juggernaut is his embracement on the Earth, his powers are only a fragment of Cyttorak. Even Oblivion cannot match his mightiest powers who is one of the abstract beings of the universe. But he is not all that powerful from the other strongest superheroes in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”.

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