10 Gargoyles Concept Arts Will Make You Crave For A Live-Action Movie!


Remember the Gargoyles in many of the Disney movies that you have seen? Well, these classic creatures from the animated 90s series definitely deserve their own movies. There are many creative ways to adapt the story of our warrior-by-night heroes. It really isn’t fair to just forget them altogether when the previous movies wouldn’t have been as entertaining without them.

Live-action movies of these would surely rock. This would be a traditional animation, just as the original, but of course kicked up a few notches. They will be given a big-screen budget, and they have to with no doubt have the original voice cast for the perfection.

Another great choice is the CGI technology that has will be magic to anyone who suddenly finds themselves transported here from 1994.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have any solo movies, but if they do decide to give us fans what we want, then take a look at these super fan-made concept art of the Gargoyles. This could be the studio’s starting point.

Why don’t you take a look at these fantastic renditions of the Defenders of the Night. Picture courtesy to the UK-based concept art student, Angela Acquah.

The original TV series designs are above, while the concept arts are below!

1. Goliath

2. Elisa Maza

3. Demona

4. Brooklyn

5. Lexington

6. Bronx

7. Castle Wyvern and Environmental Concepts

8. By Day, By Night

9. Xanatos’s Eyrie Building With Transported Castle

10. Welcome to the New Age

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