10 Crazy Moments In 80s Cartoons That Are Impossible Today


While cartoons are typically related to kids and fun and 80s was a great time for the genre, there undoubtedly have been some cartoon series/sequences which have terribly messed things up. In this article, let’s go ahead and check out 10 of the worst cartoon moments from the time that wouldn’t be repeated in modern times!

1. Rainbow Brite Battles Satan In Hell

The episode titled ‘The Beginning of Rainbow Land’ showed Rainbow Brite fight with ‘The Evil One’ and also found herself in a setting where children were held hostage and babies were dumped to die in a nowhere land. Hell, we thought about her being all about pretty rainbows!

2. The ThunderCats Get Naked

Before they received ‘protective clothing’ from their mentor, the ThunderCats were totally in the buff, leading to a great deal of confusion during our childhood and maybe a little bit of excitement.

3. Everyone Melts In G.I. Joe

There was an episode titled ‘There’s No Place Like Springfield’ wherein Shipwreck was stuck in a simulation of the future showing everyone around him melt all of a sudden and then his wife and child try to kill him which in turn forced him to kill them as his home was burnt to ashes. Talk about sweet dreams!

4. A Demon Tries To Drag Kidnapped Children Into Hell In The Smurfs

‘The Smurfs Christmas Special’ saw the appearance of a character called ‘The Stranger’ who invoked a circle of fire aiming to drag the kids and Smurfs into bottomless dark pits of hell. Could there be anything better to give you a feel-good Christmas sentiment as a small child?

5. Fisto Captures Young Boys In He-Man

The episode titled ‘Fisto’s Forest,’ a huge bearded guy named Fisto with an armored hand who harasses young Elf boys by shooting bursts of white sticky webbing targeting them. There are no more comments needed.

6. A Demon Ties Up The My Little Ponies

This is just the most imperfect thing for your kinds where a demon overlord chained the ponies, made fun of them before turning them into scary looking dragons.

7. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lust After April

The episode ‘April Fool’ showed April put on a casual dress up which makes the naughty turtles lust her. How inappropriate can it be?

8. Children Are Dragged Into A Portal Under Their Beds In Dungeons & Dragons

This series had an episode titled ‘City at the Edge of Midnight’ which saw an evil force dragging kids through a portal which was located right under their beds. It compelled the captives to work in some evil factory.

9. Jem Sings About Sex

The episode ‘Starbright, Part One: Falling Star,’ showed Jem singing  a sexually explicit song about her lover Ken and wondering “Is it me, or is he making love to a fantasy?”

10. A Girl Sells Her Soul To A Demon In The Care Bears

The Care Bears Movie 2, features a story about a small girl who sold her soul to a shape-changing demon named Dark Heart because she wanted to excel in sports. Unbelievable? No, it happened.

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