Comic Book Covers That Show Superheroes With Realistic Body Types.


Comic books are our medium for escaping the reality; our superheroes give us the chance to live a grandiose life accomplishing remarkable things. That is one of the reasons our Superheroes have the perfect Greek god-like figure without an iota of fat on their bones as they are the symbol of perfection. The majority of the comic book readers in 1940’s and 1950’s (That’s when the craze of Superhero started) were young boys. Back then the creators thought that it would make a positive impact on kids if their idols are the perfect role models in every aspect of life, including their health and fitness. And that’s when our superheroes got their supermodel physique and handsome looks.

As the time passed, the world changed and it even the censor board evolved. The become a bit more lenient in their policies regarding sexuality, the comic book artists were asked by their producers to sexualize the characters so that they can make young boys buy their comics not just for great stories but also for good-looking men and women.

In modern comics, we can’t even imagine our heroes without six pack abs, a perfect ten facial features, huge biceps and Viking-like chest. If the character is a female, then she needs to have a tiny waist, face of a supermodel, skin-tight costumes, excellent rear and of course enormous breasts.

Currently, Superhero movies are dominating the international box-office by delivering impactful 6-8 films every year, even TV channels are ruled by Superhero shows with fantastic ratings, and roughly 90% of them are kid-friendly that’s the reason these shows are their favorite. But surrounding our kids with perfect looking superheroes could be a problem according to, an organization that helps people with mental health issues and drug problems. A chief spokesperson at explains the problem like this:-

“With new releases every summer, we can see how these films positively affect their younger audiences. But, it’s hard to have such positive takeaways when the bodies represented on film don’t mirror what a typical body looks like, this especially rings true for a younger audience considering research has found that some children are struggling with body image by the time they reach kindergarten. We conducted this project to see how our favorite heroes might change if their bodies were a bit more realistic, and hopefully more relatable.”

To bring some awareness about the issue these guys have created ten latest comic book covers that show our heroes with more realistic body types that are similar to the figures of the average American citizens. Here are the covers, go through them and let us know in the comment section your thoughts on Superheroes and their perfect physical appearances:-

If you guys want to read the full report from the, you can read it from HERE.

1. Superman

2. Gamora

3. Aquaman

4. Harley Quinn

5. Black Panther

6. Black Widow

7. Scarlet Witch

8. Captain Marvel

9. Spiderman

10. Cyborg


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