10 Best Cartoons In The 80’s.

2. G.I. Joe (1985-1986)

This was initially an animated miniseries. Later on, this cartoon developed to a full show because of popular demand. It brought to life popular Hasbro toys of old. The show demonstrated the activities of a group of U.S. military staff with many skills that united to battle the terrorist bunch Cobra. With folks like Duke, Falcon, Leatherneck, and Bazooka fighting criminals Destro and Baroness, there was high energy on G.I. Joe . The coolest part was that, as in Transformers, there was always one expert to get the others out of danger.
Notable Episode: The episode in which Timber and Freedom creep into Cobra’s castle, in the jungle, to free their partners is among the best.


1. Transformers (1984-1988)

The Transformers appeal is irrefutable. It had robots with human-like qualities who could change into the coolest vehicles and creatures. On the famous toon show, it was the good Autobots versus the evil Decepticons. Both of them hailed from the planet Cybertron and had crash landed on Earth many years back. The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, battled hard to guard Earth from Decepticons, driven by Megatron. The large number of cool characters, snappy signature melody and many spin-off toys made Transformers a standout.
Notable Episode: Things got unpredictable in Episode 6 when the tremendously adored Optimus Prime was left debilitated by an enemy assault. He was all alone and he had to protect himself against Megatron’s powers.

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