10 Amazing Photoshop Treatments Of Luke N’ Rey!


Luke and Rey gotta a Star Wars photoshop treatment and they’re awesome!

By now, you are sure to have seen the picture that Mark Hamill posted on Twitter for Daisy Ridley’s birthday. The photo shows the Star Wars duo goofing off in their downtime between shooting Episode VIII. Wearing similar black attire, we see perched atop the tiny frame of Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill pointing the way for the newly discovered Jedi. Very similar to how Yoda rode Luke Skywalker’s back in training, we see that the torch has now been passed and history is repeating itself.

So once the internet got a hold of the hilarious picture, the internet did what the internet does best, Photoshop the hell out of it! The original picture was great all alone showing Hamill’s famous tongue in cheek sense of humor, but these doctored pictures take it even a step further! We truly hope that the chemistry we see in a picture of the duo goofing off carries over to the remaining Star Wars saga. Take a look at some of the hilarious results! Have you seen or created a better one? Shoot it to us in the comments!! Even better, what do you think Luke is pointing at?



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