Great Choices For The New Wolverine After Hugh Jackman’s Retirement


LOGAN has already become one of the most acclaimed cinematic adaptations of a comic book, with a week to go for its release. However, this also reminds us that this is the final time we will see Hugh Jackman in the lead role. The X-Men universe is still going strong, and that means a new actor will step in soon to feature in future films. This brings us to create a ranking of top ten possible contenders for the role of Weapon X from Jackman going into the future.

10 . Tom Hardy

With his successful villainous role in The Dark Knight Rises and the fact that he was almost confirmed for Suicide Squad, makes Tom a good choice for Marvel to cast as Wolverine. He has the physical strength and the feral intensity required for the character in a slightly different hue than Jackman.

9 . Justin Theroux

He is quite similar to Hugh Jackman regarding physical appearance and has come across as a talented actor courtesy his stint on HBO’s The Leftovers.

8 . Anson Mount

Anson Mount is not a highly recognizable name, but, he has done a part on AMC’s western series Hell on Wheels. His character has many similarities with Logan. His portrayal would demand an adjustment from the typical image of Wolverine as played by Hugh Jackman, but, he has it in him to play the role.

7 . Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam is one actor who doesn’t look suitable for the traditional Wolverine image due to his blonde locks. However, his performance in the FX biker series titled Sons of Anarchy proved that he could be portrayed as a rough anti-hero Wolverine.

6 . Jack Reynor

Jack Reynor is a great combination of youth and fun, and his portrayal of Wolverine would give a new lighter outlook to the character. While he is much younger compared to Hugh, he suits the bill as Logan never ages.

5 . Kit Harington

Kit Harington doesn’t have a long way to go with the hit HBO series Game of Thrones and his role in Pompeii showed him as a strong guy with steel abs. Therefore, it would come naturally for him to leave swords and magic to take up claws and cigars. His physical appearance suits the role perfectly.

4 . Scott Eastwood

The small role that Eastwood played in Suicide Squad didn’t do justice to his talents, and he resembles his father Clint Eastwood who is known for his action roles. Thus, he can do well in Logan’s costume.

3 . Luke Evans

Luke Evans has already worked in The Hobbit, and The Fast and the Furious franchises and his performances in High-rise and The Girl On The Train prove that he is not only capable of taking up the role, but, making it more successful in future.

2 . Joel Edgerton

Edgerton is a talented writer, director, and actor who is well versed with all aspects of a big project. He doesn’t resemble Hugh Jackman, but, his acting talent is more than sufficient to take up the role of Logan.

1 . Karl Urban

Karl Urban is not only loved by the masses but, he has done a tremendous range of roles from The Lord Of The Rings to Star Trek. He can play the good or the bad guy with ease, and he can simply slide into Jackman’s shoes effortlessly. Thus, he is our ideal choice for the character.

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